Nana Star and the Moonman

Nana Star and the Moonman

A while back I received two books in the Nana Star series. I have already reviewed the first book simply titled Nana Star. The story centers around a young girl who finds a lost baby star and decides to help him find his way home. That story also introduces us to Nana Star and the virtue of Kindness. It is through Nana Star’s kindness that she befriends the little star and her compassion that makes her decides to help.

In the next story Nana Star and the Moonman we see that Nana Star is making her way to some place where she can return the Star to the heavens. Along the way the day turns to night and Nana Star and the little star become scared, that is until the Moonman shines his light down upon the two travellers and offers his guidance so that they can continue on their journey.

The Moonman instructs Nana Star that there is a small boat that she can use to sail across the water to the mountain and there another will help Nana in her journey.

Don’t forget that Nana Star is much more than a book with a nice message. Nana Star is a family collaboration. There are four generations working on the book and the Nana Star Foundation. The Nana Star Foundation is dedicated to helping make life easier for inner city school. It is also dedicated to terminally ill children. A portion of all sales of Nana Star books and merchandise goes to fund the foundation.

Sadly the creator of Nana Star, Elizabeth Owens passed away this year. Her spirit and characters and family and foundation live on however.

Read to Me Dad Ratings

  • Story – Good – Nana Star’s journey continues and she finds some help along the way. Everyone needs guidance once in a while.
  • Re-Read-ability – Great – Because this book is part of a series it is easy to go back and re-read the start of the adventure.
  • Illustrations – Excellent – The colors and style of this book are simple yet look amazingly classic. Soft watercolors combined with ink gives this book a very unique look. Each page is beautifully composed.
  • Message – Great – Guidance in a task is often needed and we need good role models to look up to.
  • Plot – Good – Nana Star is a nice story with a message but also it is episodic and each story builds on the next.
  • Characters – Whimsical – The introduction of the Moonman was very nice. He can take care of guiding Nanan Star as well as comforting her on her journey.
  • Does Eva Like It – Eva is now just starting to grasp the concept of books. She makes me read some over and over. This one might be a little advanced for her though..
  • Recommended Ages – All Ages will enjoy reading this story about caring and sharing.

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