Photo-A-Day #3242

I received a set of Nano Blocks while I was at Toy Fair. Ohio Art is the U.S. distributor for them. These things are very, very tiny but fit together pretty well. You can make a bunch of different models with them. While they are cute and interesting I’m not a big fan of their price. The little tree frog that I got goes for $10.99. It may be complex to make these pieces but not worth that much in the least. You can spend that same amount on Mega Bloks or LEGO and get a toy that you can actually play with.

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One Response to “Nano Blocks, Some Very Tiny Builds”

  1. James Frost says:

    The frog model costs 10.99$.Are they serious about it?I don’t think it is worthy of such amount as you mentioned we can get lego or other toys spending that much and also can play with it.
    Thanks for sharing about it with the readers.For you we all get to save money without wasting them on such craps like the Nano Blocks.
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