Need an Answer…

I’ve been spending some time on Amazon’s latest venture called ASkville. I was chosen to participate. Probably many other people were as well so I’m not quite that special.

Askville is a place where you can ask a question about specific topics and other users will give you answers. You can rather the answers that you get, respond to the answers and start dialog with other people on Askville.

Not sure when it is coming out of Beta but when it does it is going to be a great site for collaborative information sharing.

Also when you answer questions you earn coins for another beta site called Questville. But that is still coming soon.

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7 thoughts on “Need an Answer…”

  1. Hmm…I did not know that Amazon was doing this. I’ve played around with Yahoo’s version (Yahoo answers) but not this yet. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Hi Country Music,
    I’ve been meaning to talk about Askville for a while. I had a questions for it today and so I decided that today was the day to post about it.

  3. Wonder if it’ll be free. Google’s wasn”t (isn’t? don’t’ know if it even exists anymore).

    I know why amazon is doing this: ask THEM a question and you get stupid inane answers that a monkey could’ve given you.

    So now they get other folks to do the answering for them. I hope you get paid for this.

    (OK so I am a bit PO’d about amazon lately)

  4. OH OK Here we go again: askville ain’t for safari.

    just great!

    (maybe it’s the heat tonite that is making me pissy)

  5. Sorry to hear that things aren’t working for safari. I use Firefox so pretty much everything works.

    I should be mad at Amazon too because of their affiliate policies, they end up taking all the affiliate money I earned through stuff ordered by friends and family. What! It is ridiculous.

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