New Additions to the Site.

You might have noticed a few new additions to the site today. I have added a quote of the day as well as a funny quote of the day. You can add these to your blog as well. It is a really easy script that you add to your blog template. If you scroll further down you can see a Today in History as well as a Today’s Birthdays feed. I added those as well so that you could have something interesting to discuss at the lunch table. I’m always thinking about enhancing the experience for my readers when they visit this site. Coming up with new and interesting content is something that I really try and work hard at doing. I could have stopped with the Photo-A-Day and just done that but I wanted this to be something more. Each time I find something of interest on the Internet I want to share it with you. If that is something that can be permanently in place here on this blog then that is good too. The technology keeps changing and I want to just keep up with it. So if you come across something that you think would be an enhancement to the eperience of visiting this site please let me know.

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