Allison and I got a new computer on Sunday. I finally hooked it up yesterday. It took a couple of days just to get the old stuff off the other computer. So now we are finally on XP at home. And its really alot of fun because we can each have our own sign ins and desktops and share the files that we should be sharing like music and pictures. The computer is an HP media center edition model. Its being discontinued. It had 512MB of ram but I got 512 more and pumped the baby up to 1GB of ram. Can’t ever have enough RAM. I successfully got the computer back on Verizon DSL and it works so much better than it had been on the old PC. Granted the old PC is still decent and with a good scrubbing out will perform fine, we just blocked it up with so much stuff over the years. I’m hoping we can be better about the new PC but it is inevitable that it get junked up with downloads and garbage too. So the PC can be connected directly to the TV so we could watch and record TV or play music or pictures on the TV from the computer. But I think that sort of setup would need a new room configuration and probably a split on our cable or if we ever move we start it all from scratch with our media set-up.

Some cool stuff that we got with the PC was a free (after rebates) Epson Printer, Belkin wireless Router, and Norton Utilities. Well the printer we don’t need, the wireless router gave me ahgeda when I tried to set it up, and the Norton utilities will be installed when the 90 day free version that came with the computer is over. But everything was free and that is cool. I got a wireless adapter for a PC and one for my notebook also. I’ll probably be selling the router and the PC card because I don’t have a need for it. But the notebook card should come in handy with the traveling.

The thing that makes me totally geek out over the PC is the built in card reader and the front access ports like USB and Fire wire and even AV ports and headphone jacks.

So we should be ready to start making the wedding favors soon. Just gotta get all the rest of our CD’s into the PC and catalog the photos. So sorry about not updating in a while but I’ve been busy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Trivia was BOGUS today!! Did you see how many people got 0’s!! Something stinks in the land of trivia town!!

  2. Drew says:

    I’m well on my way to a 0 myself today. Can’t control the easieness of the trivia.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s not because people are stupid…it’s because the trivia board malfunctioned and screwed us all.

  4. Drew says:

    I did not say that people are stupid, if I could back that up I would be at the top of the list every single day. I know that trivia malfunctions and again I cannot control it. I’d like to have a more reliable game that would make all problems with trivia non-exisitent. Unfortunately I don’t have that much control. I pick a topic and let the game run. If I could do more I certainly would. Send a message to about their product and your complaints with it, maybe they will improve the product. That’s all I can do.

  5. Anonymous says:

    simmer down now.

  6. Drew says:

    Sorry, I get defensive when words are put in my mouth. It sounded like I was accused of saying that people are stupid because they got low scores in trvia. That is not the case. And in order to further justify that I did not say that people were stupid I went further on with the explaination. I’m simmered, it is all good. I now understand that you were just venting about what happened with the malfunction in the game today. It happens, its happened to me, it stinks. Sorry.

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