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Here is a new blogger feature, posting blog posts from an e-mail system. How it works is that I type an e-mail and send it to a specific address and the message posts automatically. I can’t add photos but this is a quick way to send text messages. And I can even use my phone to send a text message to this address. Oh the new possibilities or my ramblings.

So speaking of ramblings, I have been spending some time checking out other Blogs. I have put up a number of new links this past week. There are links for running sites, links for Blogs of Note and a new set of links for the Serenity Movie.

The Serenity movie will be coming to theaters next year. I cannot wait. Serenity was created by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel).

The story is set 500 years in the future where space travel is as common as car travel is today. There are multiple planets that can support human life and settlers are dropped on planets with basic supplies to terraform the planet. The concept is that of a space western. The mixing of high technology and rustic living is intermixed throughout the show. Serenity the movie comes about after Joss’s show Firefly was canceled and fans bought so many DVD box sets that there was enough interest to turn the show into a feature film. It is really very amazing that Whedon could turn a failed movie to a hit TV show and now he’s trying to turn a failed TV show into a hit movie. The man is a genius of storytelling.

You may notice that there is now a banner on the bottom of the page that says “Serenity Official Browncoat”. A browncoat is someone who fought for the Resistance against the Alliance. Malcolm Reynolds, the captain of Serenity was a Sargent in the Civil war and the Alliance won at the Battle of Serenity. So that is what Mal named his ship. If you want to know more about Serenity/Firefly the movie and the TV show please check out the links or the banner at the bottom of the screen. The movie is going to be awesome and the shows were great. If you are interested in borrowing my DVD’s to see for yourself what I’m talking about, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Even better, buy your own set and become an official browncoat too.

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