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Allison has been working on a hat for me for a couple of months now. She presented it to me when she came home from Knitting tonight. It is made out of sock yard, which is very thin. She had to knit the inside and the outside of it as well. She made it so it has two Autobot symbols. The symbols are supposed to be worn as the front and back but I like them better on the sides. It is a nice hat and a little tight but my giant noggin will stretch it out a bit.

I’m somewhat caught up on sleep after this past weekend’s work and then catching 20 min of sleep before heading up to New Hampshire to meet with my friend Ed Gerety. Ed’s doing a new series of videos for his Youtube Channel and his Facebook page. I’m shooting the videos and putting them together. I worked about four hours tonight on creating the first video. It took a while because I had to create the bumpers and I do have to say, they came out really nice. I hope that he likes them.

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2 Responses to “New Hat”

  1. BigHeadDad says:

    Looks sweet! Watch your back wearing that! Megatron spys that cap and your a marked man. MARKED!
    Look at what BigHeadDad wrote blog post ..Placebo Seeds

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