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Photo-A-Day #4291

I’ve been waiting for the Samsung Gear 360 camera to be available for some time. When it was available I wasn’t quite ready to afford it and so I did not buy it. The Imagelogger program dried up and so I wasn’t getting a free one to use to make 360 videos. So, up until the other day I had to keep waiting. But, once I received all my gift cards from working with Best Buy I had enough to place my order. I ordered it last week and it came in today.

In the time between ordering it and receiving it the camera went on sale. When I picked it up today I was able to get the difference in a gift card which helped me pay for a new micro SD card that is really powerful and fast. I cannot wait to make videos with both the camera and SD card.

So in the next few days I will be working on how to make some fun VR images and movies to share with you online. So, by the time the weather is better and I can get back out on the kayak I’ll be ready to make some amazing videos on the water.

Here is my unboxing video of the Gear 360 Camera.

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One Response to “New Tech Toy – Samsung Gear 360 #Unboxing”

  1. Kenny Petters says:

    Thank you for this nice review, i have to say that the pice is not bad either.