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New Year as a married couple, originally uploaded by abennett96.

Last night Allison and I went to Derek and Michelle’s for the 3rd annual New Year’s Eve Bash. In attendance was Derik and Sarah and their daughter Riley. Mike and Anna, Matt and Beth and Neil came by (Andrea we missed you, feel better soon.)

Great food as usual, Sarah made kielbasa in brown sugar, yummy. Michelle made chicken tulips, and I made Pepperoni Chicken and Pasta. Shouldn’t have told Neil what was in it and maybe he would have tried it. You’re missing out man, missing out.

Derek and Michelle and Coco were once again great hosts. We played Balderdash before the ball drop and had a great time making things up for the game. Derek was very good at that, go figure. Riley had us all smiling, she was so cute and loved Coco. Neil gave Derek Men of Honor, (Again) for their DVD exchange. I caught it on tape this time. And Derek, the look on your face was priceless. But Neil was crafty and wrapped a real gift for Derek. The book, Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!

I took pictures and added them to my Flickr Account. Derek and his Lightsaber was even featured as Photo-A-Day.

Enjoy the pictures. We enjoyed the evening.

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