No iPhone Bumping Yet

I tried the Bump app with my DROID and many iPhones the other night and it didn’t work for me at all. I tried over and over but no iPhones wanted to bump the DROID. This was Thursday night and Thursday my DROID was a big old failure.

I was driving to the MegaTweetUp in Boston and was excited to be using my Google GPS for the first real time. I had tested it out the other day and it worked great. Well, on Thursday it didn’t work at all. I hate driving in Boston but was all excited that I’d have GPS and I wouldn’t get lost. GPS didn’t work, and I got lost. The whole ride the phone said, searching for GPS. It never found it, then the phone died on the way home when I got lost again.

I heard from my friend Lenny this advice.

“Do you have “Use wireless to detect my location” turned on ? With the Android if you select that it fills in the gaps when it can’t get a GPS position. It uses wifi and phone towers to guess your position in the city. Even with the GPS off it is usually good to within about 500 feet. The GPS should talk to you. The talking is working ? My belief is the Microsoft has some kind of Bing Maps anti-Google mojo working when you put there address in the DROID Also make sure you turn off the bluetooth and wifi when you are not using them (use a widget) to get a better battery life. If it uses a mini usb get a charger like this because it will alow you to charge other usb gadgets in your car.”

I wish I knew more about that the other day. Oh well. The GPS worked great on Friday, for my ride home, to my home, a place I already knew how to get to. Sheesh

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