No Leprechauns Were Captured This Year

No Leprechaun this year
Photo-A-Day #4721

Today was Saint Patrick’s Day and it is one of my favorite holidays because it is pretty much about the food and fun at our house. I stopped by Honey dew Donuts on the way home to get Allison a coffee and then a Saint Patrick’s Day themed donut for the kid. I ended up getting some green sprinkled dew drops and a donut that looked like a leprechaun. It was the only leprechaun that the got their hands on this year.

The kids made some leprechaun traps out of Lucky Charms boxes and attempted to lure a leprechaun with shiny jewels and gold pieces. He didn’t buy it and left the kids a note telling them better luck next year. He also turned the toilet water green and the milk as well. You can tell that they were not amused in the photo above. I spent some time with them and then went to sleep.

Irish Dinner

Allison made corned beef and cabbage for dinner. This is my favorite meal of the year. She also made a new Irish soda bread and it was very tasty. She got the recipe online and I really enjoyed it. We have lots of leftovers for dinner tomorrow night, too. The second best meal is a hash that Allison makes from the leftovers.

Andrew pretended to be a leprechaun at dinner and asked us what our wishes were. We went around the table saying outlandish things and he granted all of them invisibly. He had fun with that. Then it was off to work.

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