Photo-A-Day #2401

It was a quiet day at the house. Eva woke up and came to our bed because she wanted to snuggle. She wants to wake up and come and give Allison snuggles and talk to the baby. She’s very excited about the new baby coming. She’s done this the past couple of days. She wants to be a big sister so badly.

The leaves continue to fall all around our house. I’ve now cleaned the sidewalk four times, the back patio four times and I look up and the trees are still pretty well covered. I cleaned up today because the town does a yard waste pickup this week. I’m pretty sure I have over fifteen yard bags to put out. I haven’t even touched the actual yard yet. I figure I’ll wait on that till more leaves fall. I want my sidewalks and back patio to be cleaned off because if there is another freak snowstorm I want to only shovel snow and not tons of leaves as well as snow.

After the yard cleanup I sat down to watch a movie with Eva and Allison. Occasionally I get movies sent to me and this was one that should go right into the $2.50 bargain bin. It was called the Adventures of Young Dr. Doolittle. It was awful. The music was so off, the story was a mess. Eva didn’t like it either but we watched it all the way through. Terrible. She sat right next to me and snuggled with me as we watched. The movie was so bad that I fell asleep. So, some good did come from the movie.

SwagsGiving is in full swing and I love that there are so many people entering the contests. I spoke about it during this past week’s episode of Geek Dads Weekly. Daniel had a bit of fun over my video for the Voice Rockrz Mic and my similarity to Zac Brown. Check out the episode and come listen live at 1:00pm EST next Thursday for our 100th episode! I can’t believe it!

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2 Responses to “No Time for Love Doctor Jones”

  1. Deborah says:

    Oh my gosh I love that title for the pic! LOL. So glad Eva is happy she’s going to be a big sister.
    Look at what Deborah wrote blog post ..Colorforms Magic Fashion Show Review

    • Drew says:


      Yes she is quite happy. she had her sibling class today and knew all the answers. Allison figures that she’s going to be “that kid” in school. Eva asks a lot of questions and we give her the real answers so it is only natural that she knows more than other kids.

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