No time to wash up…

I was thinking about how I spent the past 4 days going from airport to airport. I also spent hours in a car and woke up early in the morning and went to bed late at night. I showered each day but being up for so long in the same clothes I tend to feel grungy, especially being on those planes.

So, instead of being grungy all day long I could make use of Salon Grafix dry shampoo during those very very long days to quickly revitalize my hair. This stuff certainly wouldn’t replace my regular shampoo but in an emergency situation I could certainly use some of the dry shampoo.

I don’t color my hair, I used to in college. Hey, it was a time to explore and experiment. But if I still did some coloring of my hair I would be able to make use of the color match versions of this dry shampoo. There are versions for brunette, blond, black and silver shades.

I like the idea of a dry product to use in my hair so that I can keep it feeling clean on those extremely long travel days. Travel takes so much out of you and getting a little lift during the day even if it is just cleaning your hair certainly can make one perk up a bit and bounce back from all the harshness the road life throws your way.

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