No Two are Alike
Photo-A-Day #1347

This is one of the snowflake ornaments that my Grandmother made. After writing a post, that will go live tomorrow, I was thinking about Christmases past. My Grandmother used to make ornaments all the time. We have a nice set of many different snowflakes.

I love having our tree up, Eva just shouts “Wow” when she sees it.

A major contest rolled out today through Sears and IZEA. There is $4000 up for grabs in Sears gift cards or prize packs. Here are the links to all the contests.

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Also this week I am a featured blogger on Nokia Chronicles. What is Nokia Chronicles you ask? I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of it. It is so poorly organized that I wasn’t even going to mention a thing about it. But I’ll be posting crappy photos on a crappy phone to a crappy website for a week. Yay me! Had this been handled by a company like IZEA (See the awesome contest above and a contest tomorrow) or even me on my own it would have been so much better overall. A mini site set up through Utterli or some other microblogging site like Zannel would have been better. Go look at it if you’d like.

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  1. Castor says:

    I used the pic as my desktop wallpaper.

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