North Attleboro Block Party 2009

North Attleboro Block Party 2009
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Tonight was the annual downtown Association Block Party and it was so much fun. Seeing people that you haven’t seen in years, meeting new friends and realizing that they are old friends. True social networking, getting out and actually meeting the people that live in your town. That was what the block party was for me.

I took a bunch of photos and will process them tomorrow and tell you all about what the block party was like. We got home at 9:00pm and well, I still have to make my lunch, pack for the gym and go test out an amazing flashlight that I’m reviewing soon. But I did want to say something about the photo above. This is a band that was set up to play directly across from the local elderly housing building called Madonna Manor. The wonderful thing is that many of the residents were brought outside to sit on the porch and watch people walking by admiring the classic cars and they also got a front row seat to watch these guys play. That attention to detail and inclusion of everyone is what makes the block party such a wonderful success.

I have many more pictures and stories to tell about the block party but I’m going to save them for a bonus post tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “North Attleboro Block Party 2009”

  1. Is it all the guys we need to be careful of or is there one particular one who is more dangerous than the others. I am thinking the guy with the banjo is probably the most dangerous. Why else would you put him way in the back.

  2. Stephen,
    Being a dog, you certainly see the world in a much different way. Banjo player are ones you need to watch out for, for sure.

  3. Baba,
    I agree, it really brought a smile to people’s faces. I’m about to put up part two of our night at the block party with more photos.

  4. The Band is the Bay State Stompers. We’ve played all over the area for years now and even played for the previous Governor’s state of the state address at the statehouse. I’m the trombone player (right front) Not pictured is the second banjoist, just a bit further right. Don’t pick on the banjos. They have a lot of pluck.

  5. Ron,
    Thanks so much for dropping over to let me know the Band’s name. I have a few more photos of the band on my Flickr Page. You guys were great. Wish I could have watched longer but we had a very rambunctious almost 2 year old in tow.

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