Not a Lady Golfer….

Tonight we went to the Animal Shelter Golf Tournament Banquet (See Photo-A-Day). Proceeds were donated to the Animal Rescue League to help animals that were displaced during Hurricane Katrina. They had a raffle and you could buy tickets and toss them into cans for the prizes you wanted to win. I put my tickets into the cans for restaurant gift cards, a movie basket, and other fun things. I listened to the names called for each of the prizes that I tried to win. And when each of those were done being called I stopped paying attention. So imagine my surprise when I heard my name picked. Contrary to what the folks at the Animal Shelter Golf Tournament think, I am not a lady golfer. Yeah, tonight at the Animal Shelter Golf Tournament I won the Lady Golfer Basket complete with soothing candles and glasses with a trivet. Man that was one fun walk up to the front of the room to receive that raffle prize. And a long walk back when I got the basket. The funny thing was that I did not put any of my tickets into the can for that prize. so someone had alot of fun at my expense this evening. But we all had a good laugh.

Each Table had a Jack-O-Lantern
and a picture of an animal rescued during Hurricane Katrina.

My very nice Lady Golfer Basket.

Help Animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

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