Photo-A-Day #3021

Andrew has been cracking us up lately. His favorite word is cookie, which he called cook-ah for a long time. Now it sounds much more like cookie. His newest word is why, which he says often. He can say it over and over and when you finally give him a final answer he says sweetly, “okay”.

We had dinner outside tonight. Haddock for the kids and Swordfish for Allison and me. It was a great night to have dinner outside. I had just put in the new air conditioner and was drenched in sweat. So, being outside was actually cooler than it was in the house. Now, hopefully we’ll have a cooler first floor for the rest of the summer.

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One Response to “Not a Post Cookie Selfie”

  1. Tanya says:

    What a great idea to eat outside. This makes me want to get my grill on tonight 🙂 Maybe bbq chicken 🙂 YUM!
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