Now You Can Start Christmas Season

Photo-A-Day #2786

On the day after Thanksgiving my Dad puts up his Christmas tree at the Cape house. This year Eva helped him trim the tree. She loves decorating Christmas trees but she loads branches with everything, doesn’t spread stuff out. This is something that kids do, if one ornament is pretty then 57 are prettier. So Eva and Dad trimmed the tree a bit before we headed home for birthday parties and sleep.

I actually got some really good sleep last night. I always sleep well at the Cape. I think it is because the box spring there does not creak and crack like crazy. I think I need to go and get a new box spring. Actually, I know I need to get a new one and have had to go get a new one for a long time now. I wonder if the Tempur-Pedic just destroys box springs or we just got a crappy one when we bought our bedroom set. Our bed frame is solid and is not creaky at all but our box-spring creaks and cracks with every little movement and I think that is what often wakes us up. At least it wakes me up. I wonder if there are more reinforced box springs out there.

After that nice night of sleep I got up early with Eva and we played with a new app with three different Christmas themed stories of Disney Princesses. We were able to go through each one before she went on a special breakfast adventure with Tara and Erik. Allison and I got packed up to head home and also entertain Andrew. Letting the fact that he is now 1 year old sink in. I can’t quite believe it.

We get home and find the packages that came over the past couple of days. Still waiting on the Nintendo 3DS XL but received a cool set of in-ear headphones called BassBuds which I’ll post about soon. Also some of our Skylanders sidekicks have arrived as well. We got Trigger Snappy and Gill Runt. I’m hoping that TerraBite arrives soon. We got another Whisper Elf and still just waiting for that very last one to arrive. Eva loved having the figures and was creating a story with them and having me talk as the sidekicks. She’s got a great imagination.

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