Sea Horse Dragon on the Carousel

Off to See the Animals

Photo-A-Day #2574

Today Allison, Eva, Andrew, Grandpa Dano and I went to the Palm Beach Zoo. We have a membership to our local Zoo and that allows us to get into many other zoos for half price so we did pretty well on that deal today. Evan better because Grandpa Dano took us there. This is a very nice zoo. I love how the habitats are set up and how wonderful they all look. Much of the zoo does not feel like your standard zoo either. It feels very much like Disney made a zoo but not full of rides and stuff like that but more because the decorations and the visitor experience is very nice.

We have been to this zoo before but it is such a nice one so it was good to go again. We walked around for a while and saw many exhibits. Then we got to the carousel and sadly it was being worked on so we didn’t get to ride it. This carousel is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen in a very long time. The carousel not only has horses but other animals including a hummingbird one and this very cool dragon looking one.

Sea Horse Dragon on the Carousel

Many of the animals were pretty active here too. We visited Mardi the White Alligator a bunch of times. Eva is really excited about this alligator because our zoo is getting one for a while and she can’t wait to see it. She even got a White Alligator figurine from the gift shop. She loves it.

Later Eva played on the giant fountain/splashpad that is right at the entrance of the zoo. We knew ahead of time about this and so packed Eva a swimsuit and she played around for a good while till it was time for us to head off for some lunch. We ate at the zoo’s restaurant and had a nice time there. Then we finished up and headed home after visiting the tigers. We had a wonderful steak dinner at Mimi and Dano’s and then the up all night shifts with Andrew began.

Andrew has been teething through much of our vacation. He spiked a fever and we treated that, then we saw that he had one tooth coming in. Then he got a second one coming in too. So he wouldn’t sleep, at night. He would sleep for a bit, wake up wailing and either I, Mimi or Allison would get up with him for a while, couple of hours. Poor Allison ended up with the bulk of the time because he just didn’t settle for anyone else as much.

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