Oh, THIS Will Help the Economy

A new requirements to a 1972 law go into effect on February 10, 2009, The law is The Consumer Product Safety Act. The new requirements to that law could have devastating effects on the home based businesses. The new requirements were passed in law very quietly and only after it passed are consumers and home based entrepreneurs finding out how this will hurt them.

My friend Tristan of Maiden America has made a video with her concerns over the new law.

If I understand this correctly manufacturers need to run independent expensive tests for lead on the products that they make. This will significantly raise the prices that must be charged for their items. This could put many, many home based businesses out of business. Also in this video a store owner is losing her suppliers because of these new requirements.

Tristan has written two posts on this subject.

And people who are making non-toxic toys are also being hurt.

What a way to help the economy, gotta love the government.

And I thought this one was cute.

This video very eloquently states the issue and why it is harmful to the small independant toy manufacturer.

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