I’m staying in Oklahoma’s Historic Bricktown district of Oklahoma City. I have to tell you that last night as I drove to the hotel from the airport it didn’t look like I was going through a desirable place. But this morning with the light it looks like a cool place to explore. Which I will be doing in a little bit.

Here are a couple of pictures from my hotel room.

The view.

The coolest clock radio I’ve seen in a hotel yet. I was able to plug my MP3 player into the radio to listen to it as I went to sleep. So awesome. It is a zenith. My MP3 player is a Machspeed TRIO. Never heard of them before? Neither had I until I started looking for groomsmen gifts. I got each of the guys one of these and loaded it with some songs. It also doubles as a storage device and a voice recorder. Pretty sweet set up. It is no IPod but it does what I need it to do. I don’t have to carry all my songs with me and podcasts and whatnot, nope just a couple of songs to block out the surrounding noise from the plane and passengers while I read.

Well off to shower and then find the first Harley Shop of the day (The second one is on the way to site), then a 2 1/2 hour drive to site for a 2 hour demo just to turn back around and come back to the hotel. Hopefully I can find someplace good to eat around here tonight because my gourmet airline choices yesterday left much to be desired. Actually I think I can see where I want to eat right from my window. The Bricktown Brewery.

Looks like one of my myspace friends is playing a show in the bricktown tonight. Laura Franklin, if I get back in time, I may try and catch the show.

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