On Simple Tides

Photo-A-Day #2252

This morning I woke up and went to Falls Pond to kayak and do some fishing. I’m really enjoying getting a morning a week to do this. It is so relaxing and enjoyable. This time I had the whole pond to myself. I also brought along my headphones and listened to a couple of podcasts while I was out there. I caught up on an Episode of The Nerdist Podcast with Julie Benz and an episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast with guest Sue Costello. It was much better listening to the podcast on the water than in front of a desk like I used to do it.

While I was out fishing I saw a Blue Heron or a Grey Heron, I can’t tell the difference. I also didn’t have a high powered camera with me, just my Kodak PlaySport to record a video.

I also caught a fish. I threw out a perfect cast and as soon as the bait and the bobber hit the water they disappeared. This fish must have been coming up with it’s mouth wide open because it pretty much swallowed the hook. I felt horrible because I didn’t have my leatherman with me to cut it out properly so I had snap the line, remove the bait and let the fish go. I will not make that mistake again.

I cast out a few more times and when I reared back to make a monster cast I snagged the back of my boat and tied up another leader on the line. Then I started using a lure that was shaped like a grasshopper and it had triple hooks on it. I cast a few times but it got caught on too many weeds. So while I was taking it off I dropped it and it snagged on my pants. I could have used the Leatherman again because it stayed firmly snagged on my pants the rest of the trip. Occasionally I’d forget that it was there and put my legs together just to wind up caught up again.

So, I’m still out there making mistakes but learning as I go and I only had to untangle the rod less than 1/2 dozen times.

When I got home Allison and I went and caught Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I enjoyed the movie. I’ve listened to many podcasts that did not like the movie. I sort of thought it was going to be horribly over CGI’s like the third installment but it was not so and there was a story that you could actually follow with this one. It was a fun movie overall. I’ll add it to our collection when it comes out on DVD.

We finished out the day with a nice cook out/eat in dinner of steak kabobs. Eva asked me to tell her about the movie so she’s either going to be infatuated with Captain Jack Sparrow or afraid of Blackbeard.

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6 thoughts on “On Simple Tides”

  1. Peggy and I went to see it today too. We went to the 3D version because that was the earliest show and she had passes. Plus, I have no aversion at all to having Johnny Depp seemingly in my lap;) Peggy got scared a few times-the scene by the lighthouse in particular. It may have had to do with the 3D glasses and the fact that her depth perception is out of control. I liked the story-some of it was a little predictable, but they left it wide open for another film at the end and I’m good with that. To me it’s like a whole other story with the new characters. It’s kind of like True Blood on HBO vs. the books they are based on. Same characters…but almost completely different story lines…like it’s more chapters to a book.

    1. Mo,

      I’m so behind on following up on comments from people. And we’ve seen each other and talked about this movie already. I look forward to the next movie and also catching up with you once again when you are here or we are in FLA.

  2. I really love that feeling too, the feeling when you are in a serene place because it is your unwinding moments from the heavy and very busy life in the city streets.

    So peaceful. So pure.

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