On the Mend

On the Mend
Photo-A-Day #1412

Both Eva and I are on the mend. Eva is bouncing back much faster than I am. I never knew that these little carrier monkeys (and I mean that term most affectionately) could knock me on my butt as hard and as quick. I had never gone from feeling fine to a complete and utter wreck in such a short time. I must have looked pretty dismal because I got a crazy outpouring of sympathy and well wishing. Granted much was for Eva but I’ll take a bit for me too.

Today at lunch as Eva and I had some chicken soup (I’m pretty much all set with Chicken Soup for a while now) we got a phone call from my Dad. There was a package addressed to Me, Allison and Eva. I hadn’t won anything recently that would be arriving so quickly. Although I did just win a case of BluFrog Energy Drink from Martha Decker’s contest. And I also won a copy of the FuelMyBlog Global Cookbook. But neither of those items should have been here so soon. No, we weren’t expecting anything. The box was from Arizona, which is where Allison and I are going on a vacation I won from a Sony/Ericsson Promotion. But no that wasn’t what was in the box. This was totally unexpected.

The box contained a get well package from Market Leverage. It contained some coco, cookies, chicken soup mix and a very cute teddy bear in scrubs and a mask. They sent the gift basket through Creative Gifts To Go. It was such a sweet gesture and I know I have Dina Riccobono of Market Leverage TV to thank for it.

Now, the amazing thing is that I don’t even work with Market Leverage. I’ve been thinking about joining but just haven’t taken the leap. I’ve seen some awesome things that ML has done with regards to events for bloggers. What really makes me want to be a part of this is what they do with regards to charity events. I received an e-mail from Dina a little while back about a Charity Bowl-A-Thon that ML was sponsoring. I am going to do a much bigger blog post about this but here is the initial info about the event and the reason behind it.

We’re assisting with the promotion of an event to raise money for the Neimann-Pick Children’s Fund. One of our publishers, who runs the fund, has 2 children diagnosed w. Neimann-Pick disease, which is classified as a terminal illness. Their hospital exceed $100,000/ month, and we’re holding the event to help raise money for the cause.

Even if you don’t live locally, participants can still get involved by blogging about it, donating, or sponsoring the event. For more info, I’ve attached flyers with the event info, charity info, and a sponsor sheet in case you know anyone is interested. We’d really appreciate it if you could blog about this, and spread the word as much as possible.

I’ll be blogging more about this and I encourage you to help in whatever way you can.

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4 thoughts on “On the Mend”

  1. So glad you got the package, and glad Eva’s enjoying the bear. Get well soon so you never have to look at another bowl of chicken soup again!

    Thanks for posting about the Bowl-a-Thon, we’re looking forward to a great turnout.

  2. Dina,
    If you let me know who is bowling I’ll put together an in depth post. I’d like to sponsor a bowler or two and maybe challenge other bloggers based on who’s bowlers do better, or something like that.

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