On The Wall

Photo-A-Day #2910

You’d think that with all the photos I take that something would appear on our walls but no, we just have not put anything up on the walls of the new house yet, except for one painting and some of these Skylanders coloring pages. I occasionally will color an elemental team for Eva’s wall. She colors some herself as well and we have more to put up. I love coloring in these teams because coloring is so relaxing and a way to be creative.

Today was my sister Tara’s birthday. Eva invited her to come to dinner at House of Fortune via video message. It was so cute. Eva’s a natural on the camera too. She was so proud of herself. We had my parents, Allison’s parents, us (Me, Allison, Eva and Andrew) and Tara. It was a nice meal and I even branched out and ordered something new from the sushi menu thanks to that class we took on Monday night.


Andrew has been sleeping weird lately. He’s been getting up at 2:30am and not getting back to sleep very well. I end up getting up with him and going downstairs to the couch and watching TV with him and playing Skylanders until he falls asleep hard. Once he does that then I play a few more Heroic Challenges just to be sure and then put him back to bed so he sleeps for another 2 1/2 hours and gets Allison up at 5am. We can’t quite figure out his new sleep pattern and I hope it evens out soon.

Early to bed for me as I’m heading to San Jose tomorrow for a Day and a half of fun with YesVideo. Can’t wait to see my friends there again.

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