One Night in Bangkok and the World’s Your Oyster

Photo-A-Day #1783

Tonight at the house we were all about the silly. We were hanging around singing songs and playing games with Eva tonight. She was laughing and having a great time. One of the songs is Willoughby Wallaby Woo. The song goes like this.

“Willoughby, Wallaby, woo,
an elephant sat on you!”

The song repeats over and over however it changes the last word in each line to be like this: “Willoughby Wallaby Wallison; an elephant sat on Allison!” We went through a litany of names and she giggled and laughed at all of them unless we used her name. Eva would go “No!” each time we said her name.

Eva then “snuck” up on us to sit on us as if she was the elephant. Eva’s sneaking was hilarious because she kept saying, “I’m sneaking up on you.” So we were in a silly mood when we put her to bed. I looked up and saw the mass of stuffed animals above Eva’s bed. Apparently they were getting feisty because Taz decided that he was going to eat the stuffed animal.

Today I was over in the Framingham building. I was listening to my iTunes and saw that some co-workers had their libraries open and I found one that was full of 80’s songs. I had a good time listening to some songs from the 80’s and the memories it brought back. I started a good little twitter conversation with Jim Kukral and Shawn Collins over Mr. Mister. I was listening to Murray Head’s 1984 song One Night in Bangkok and it must have been on my mind as I went to Boloco for lunch. Boloco has a burrito called The Bangkok and it is delicious. It is made with a peanut sauce, cucumbers, Asian slaw and brown rice. I added white chicken to mine and it was so tasty. I also enjoyed the free wireless that they had available to customers. No connection problems today.

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