One year of Photo-A-Day

It has been one entire year of Photo-A-Day and today I will begin another. Yes, I am doing another full year of photos. Something that I realized while doing this project is that I enjoy having a photo each day from where I was around the country. Sometimes the images weren’t very interesting or artistic. Some were just plain weird. But each one invokes a memory from the day I took the photo and that has been something important to me. I would like to thank Christopher Williams for his Photo-A-Day project that inspired me to do my own project.

During this project I impressed certain rules upon myself.

  1. The image had to be taken that day. I broke this once for an important reason.
  2. The image had to be posted on the day it was taken.
  3. I had to take the image.

During this next year I will try to adhere to these rules as well as I can but I may allow myself to be in more images so if someone else takes the image I may post that, I haven’t decided if I will do that or not. I do have a tripod and the ability to set the timer on the camera so that may be the way I get into pictures.

I have met some great people online who also do Photo-A-Day.

And then there were some people who helped me during Guest Photo-A-Day week while Allison and I were on our honeymoon.

These folks were great to help me out when I had no way of posting in Aruba. I posted my images when I returned just so I could complete a full year, I figured it would be cheating if I had skipped nine whole days. Cheating in my own self imposed rules.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with all of these images. I kept a copy of each for the whole year and when 2006 rolled around I kept a copy of the original file as well. The images are all 450px X 350px at 96dpi. This doesn’t translate well to printing the pictures. So I started keeping the originals as well so that If I ever wanted to do something with the images I could do so.

Are you ready to take the Photo-A-Day challenge? If so please let me know where your images will reside and I will link to you. Here’s to another year of photos.

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