Onward! To Victory!

Photo-A-Day #3090

Andrew is following Eva’s lead and taking the Nerf Swords and Battle Axes that we have to ask me to duel with him. This was one of the rare images I caught with him not holding the sword by the blade. He loves holding it and running around. He cracks me up when he plays outside because he gets into everything and he just has fun playing.

There is a big difference between how Andrew plays and how Eva plays. With Eva she has to micro manage everything about the play and with Andrew he just goes for it and switches interests on a dime. I know that he is younger and that is to be expected but I feel like Eva was always into planning out the next thing to do and being in charge of the play. She doesn’t just go with the flow of things like Andrew does. It is fun watching both of them though and playing with them as well.

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