Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls

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I was lucky enough to try out some of these brand new Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls before they even hit Store Shelves. Collective Bias sent me a box of them to use in a family celebration. However, for me, Allison and Eva were away visiting my new Nephew. While I was alone I went and picked up a movie to watch on my own. I picked up How To Train Your Dragon. So, I had a personal movie night and got to enjoy the Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls. I mean, I had to test them out before the family tried them. And they were GOOD!

The Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls are innovative. They are like regular bags of microwave popcorn; however, they are different in that they pop up into their own bowl. They are really very cool but with that difference they need to be treated a bit differently. You can’t just pop them in the microwave and hit the popcorn button. This is stated on the pop up bowl itself.

The popcorn tasted really good too. I am a sucker for popcorn and usually make it on my own on the stovetop. I hadn’t had microwave popcorn in the longest time. I stopped eating it because of how much I like stovetop popcorn. But this was pretty fresh and tasty.

I did end up making two of them the other night because occasionally the microwave gets set to a lower power setting. Because of that the first pop up bowl did not pop that well. I put in the second one and set up the power to the correct setting but had to use the minute plus button a few times. I ended up having the pop up bowl in for about 4 minutes. I’m pretty sure it is the power of the microwave that is in question here. I did notice that even when I added minutes the overall time the popcorn never burned and still came out great.

The one thing that I wasn’t too fond of was that by using the bowl as a bowl I got my fingers very yellow from the butter. But that was probably because the stuff as so tasty and I chowed!

The Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls are not available in stores yet but they are coming February 20th to a WalMart near you. I’ll be heading there then to pick up another box or two so that we can enjoy them with our family movie nights.

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    1. Trisha,

      They are very tasty. Just make sure you have a nice strong microwave in order for them to pop up as best they can. I find that my microwave severely underpopped them or else I was expecting more popcorn within the bag itself.

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