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Photo-A-Day #2966

We took the kids out to dinner tonight at Friendly’s. I think that we were just missing people yelling at us and trying to snatch every morsel in sight and eat it. There was a fundraiser happening at Friendly’s so we went to help out with our meal. I have to say, it was probably the fastest service we’ve ever had at Friendly’s. Of course Eva, our sweet little love colored a picture for our waitress and then on her own wrote. “Thank you for being our waitress, Love, Eva XOXOXO.” She has such a sweet heart. I think that made that woman’s night. She told Eva that she would make her ice cream very special because it would be made with love. We are so lucky to have such a sweet and wonderful child.

After dinner we went to Wild Time Comic Book Shop so I could pick up my comics. When I got there Randy gave me these special ID cards that he made. While at Free Comic Book Day Randy said that he could make some Avengers ID cards and wanted a photo of Eva so that he could make one for her. I sent him the photo and told him to use the name Torunn Shane. Now, Torunn is the daughter of Thor. The last name of Shane comes from Eli Shane from Slugterra. Slugterra is one of Eva’s favorite shows. She has so much fun watching it and always asks me to tell her Slugterra stories. She was delighted by the cards and so excited about them being signed by Nick Fury. She also got another printout that was a commendation signed by Nick Fury, Phil Coulson and Steve Rogers. I’m so proud that she knows who all those guys are.

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