Out in California Making Memories

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I’m in California for the next two days. I’m here as a blogger ambassador for YesVideo. The company has brought me in along with some other bloggers to tour the company as well as go and play hard and make some fun memories. We are having a Big Kid Play Date. I’m here with bloggers @MommaDJane, @mommycosm, @queenscarlett and @1momof5.

I started out this morning from Boston and flew from there to Chicago and on to San Jose. Kim from MommyCosm was on the flight with me. We met for the first time today and got a chance to talk on an hour layover where we stayed in the plane between flights. We arrived in San Jose and were picked up by Dwan from MommaDJane and Sharleen of YesVideo. They brought us to our hotel so we could settle in and grab some lunch. Kim and I went to El Torito for lunch and today’s photo is of the “Mini” Fried Ice Cream that was part of my meal. I can’t imagine a larger one because I couldn’t even finish this one. It was delicious.

After lunch I came back to the room and then went to the pool. There I met a guy who works for Macafee and we hit it off. The language of the Geek Dad sure can be bonding. We talked about kids, video games as we grew up and more. It is interesting how you meet people at specific times and places just by chance.

A quick nap and shower later and I was back downstairs meeting with the rest of the blogger team to go out to Maggianos for dinner. But before that I checked out this sweet goody bag that YesVideo left for me at the hotel. It included some fun stuff as well as memory cards that I can leave behind when I head home. Yes Video will take our footage and photos to make DVDs for us from all the fun stuff we’ll be doing tomorrow.

We went over to Maggianos for dinner with more of the team from YesVideo. We had people from all areas of the company there and I enjoyed some very good food and excellent conversation. I look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow at the YesVideo offices.

Disclosure: This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador for YesVideo. Visit www.facebook.com/yesvideo to join the conversation.

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    its good to read about your memories. It was interesting and informative to read. While reading this i was i was also there. Thanks for sharing.

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