Outside in the Fall

How about this one

We live in New England and so the Fall is a pretty nice time of year to live here. The weather becomes milder and it is just cold enough to start wearing long sleeves. It is also a great time to take the little ones out to the local farms. I really enjoy frequenting the local farms because you can not only find some great deals on good food but you can also have a nice afternoon of entertainment for very little money.

Yesterday Allison and I took Eva to a local farm called Adam’s Farm and there they have some cows, goats, sheep and chickens. They also have a corn maze and an area filled with pumpkins. First we took Eva to the pumpkin area and there we set her down and let her explore. She climbed all over the pumpkins, found some small ones and really liked the weird looking gourds. The whole time she was doing that I was snapping away with my camera. Farms are great places to get photos, you are outside the light is natural and the scenery is perfect. If you have some time go and frequent one of your local small farms if there are any near you. You might end up with pictures like the ones I got.

I want to take one home.

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