Packing for the Thor Ragnarok Event
Photo-A-Day #4559

On Tuesday night I am going to be walking the Red Carpet for Thor Ragnarok and I have got to look good. Here is a bit of a sneak peek at what I am bringing with me. The main item is hidden but I did just get a sweet T-shirt for the cast interviews on Wednesday after the movie screening. I got it quickly from the God of Thunder Collection from Ript Apparel (affiliate link).

I had to get everything packed because I leave on Monday morning really early. I feel I have millions of things to do.

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3 Responses to “Packing for the #ThorRagnarokEvent”

  1. pintu sharma says:


  2. Love the socks!! See you soon!
    Look at what Vanessa Coppola wrote blog post ..Halloween: DIY Vanellope Costume from Disney Wreck It Ralph

  3. Rebecca Drysdale says:

    can u ask the director of thor when thor 3 premiere will be if any and when and where in london


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