Suck a Lemon – PAD #1004

Photo-A-Day #1780

Looks like Oliver just ate something sour. I caught him either pre or post yawn. I am sick and when I got home I went right to bed to nap. So I didn’t venture too far to get my photo today. Besides Oliver and Duncan have kind of taken a back seat as subjects of my photography now that Eva is here.

Being sick stinks when I am looking at a trip on the road for the next few days. I’ll be hitting Kalamazoo, MI, Kansas City, MO, Covington, KY and back home wicked late on Friday/Saturday. So look for photos on location. I may bring my new camera with me and give it a field test, so there may be some vlogging as well.

If you are visiting from Entrecard thanks very much. I’m doing really well on it so far and even made it to the top spot in my category – Photography – today. I’ve noticed that I get some rejections of my ad from different sites, I’d have never expected to get rejected by a photography blog because of design clash. That one made me laugh.

Trevor Carpenter has started another new blog called PhotoChallenge and he posted a recap of the December Challenge as well.

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22 thoughts on “Suck a Lemon – PAD #1004”

  1. Aww! Oliver is very, very cute! I miss having a kitty, we’re supposed to be getting one again soon (our old one ran away).

    Your photos are awesome 🙂 I enjoy checking them out.

  2. Drew, have a safe trip and hope you feel better. Grandma T was resting and doing ok last night. See you Sat. Dad

  3. What a gorgeous kitty. I take pictures of my guys all the time and with them, despite what you may see in your viewfinder, you just never know what you’re going to get!

  4. You should see him with his fangs at the ready. Talk about threatening. Which is very funny since if you came to our home (I’d have to lock up a few things first) you would never see Oliver as he is a very nervous and scared cat.

  5. Thanks for the update Dad. I appreciate it. Glad to hear that Grandma is doing okay. I’m feeling better, it is mostly a morning thing

  6. Hi Karen, I see that you have 10 kitties. And you are having some pee trouble with one. We had some trouble with Oliver at one time, he was peeing on our old couch, he did it twice and then stopped. Weird.

  7. Hi, dropped by from Entrecard. Nothing like a good cat picture to get my attention. 🙂 He’s so glossy!

    BTW are you the blog that won David Airey’s contest?

  8. Caption for that photo: *Why didn’t you tell me that it wasn’t fresh turkey? It sure looked and smelled like it!*

    One of our cats, Dusty, likes to look at the food bowl. Then she looks away, as if she were meditating or something. Then she looks back at the contents of the bowl, thinks, *oh, well, it’s still not fresh turkey, but I guess I gotta eat it anyway!* And then she eats. But it’s so funny, as she really looks like she’s hoping it will turn into something she likes better!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! Being sick is no fun at all, I’ve had more than my share of it in recent months!

  9. Ah Oliver, he is such a prima donna. He’s got to have everything just so. Actually both our cats are great, they are fun. They’ve been driving Allison crazy every day however.

  10. Hi Mariam,
    Thanks for the nice words about Oliver. Yes, I did win David Airey’s contest. David, Unique Blog Designs and I love Typography all came through on their prizes however two of the prize suppliers did not. I split up the winnings across my other blogs. The Wired Kayaker got the logo design and Read to ME, Dad got the blog design and the free hosting. Very cool contest. Thanks for visiting do stop by again.

  11. Oh man that would have been awesome but I am already at the airport awaiting my trip to Kansas City, MO. I had lots of time today but no Internet access. I’ll have to put my itinerary out there for other bloggers to see for potential meet ups when I travel. Sorry we couldn’t catch up, that would have been cool.

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