Ball? Ball? Ball? – PAD #1014

Ball? Ball? Ball? - PAD #1014

This is Taylor. I love taking shots of her because she is such a pretty and expressive dog. Taylor was out back for a little exercise. She loves t when anyone goes out back with her because that means she can get you to kick a soccer ball to her, over and over. Taylor will tear off after the ball or catch it in her mouth. She is pretty talented. Then she will bring it back, drop it, and then pop forward with both front paws and “kick” it to you. It is a fun game but she is just to good at getting the ball that you have to contort yourself to try and get it by her.

I finally got the home computer back up and running, sort of. Every time I attach a USB device to the computer (with the exception of the mouse and the web cam) I end up with a frozen computer. The problems I was having with reformatting and getting the computer to start back up can be traced back to me having the powered base of the monitor on when I tried starting the computer up. The powered base has a port for the iPod, 3 usb ports and an 8 in 1 card reader. But if I turn it on the computer freezes. I tried finding the answers online but there were none to be found.

On a good note the computer runs a heck of a lot faster than it had been for quite a while.
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9 thoughts on “Ball? Ball? Ball? – PAD #1014”

  1. Drew nice picture of Taylor. Taylor has awesome coloring for photos. I am black black dogs are hard to take pictures of because our eyes never come out. Tan dogs always come out awesome. I was going through some old photos with my A. He has 2 labs a black and a yellow before he got me. He has hundreds of good pictures of the yellow lab roger but very few good ones of the black lab norman.

    Black dogs are super hard to photograph. If you want a challenge come over and try to get a good picture of me. It is not easy. Oh yeah and I will try to lick the camera.

  2. Stephen,
    I will accept that challenge. I should get some shots of you the next time it snows. That will help with the contrast. I haven’t seen you for a while so it would be nice to visit.

  3. Drew, your Taylor is similar to my Maverick who loves to play frisbee constantly inside the house. He won’t play it outside. Glad to hear your computer is back up. I can’t function without a computer. And, thanks for advertising your Entrecard ad on my blog.

  4. what a cute and sexy dog!

    you never fail to amaze me with your photos. they show your everyday life and events, and thats what makes it truly natural, and yes, fascinating.

  5. Hey AVCr8teur,
    The computer is about 85% back. Unfortunately I have discovered that the computer will not generate new drives and each time I attach a USB drive to the computer it freezes.

    Taylor is a ton of fun. She is so pretty too.

  6. Thanks, Keep on working hard on your blog and you can save enough to buy a great camera, but you can also take great shots with any camera as long as you work hard on them.

  7. I love the dog pic reminds me of all the dogs I used to have… it brightened my day… keep up the good work… sites like yours are really needed online…

    well just dropping a line have a good one…

  8. Thanks very much Norm, I am glad that you enjoy my blog and the photos that I have taken. The words of encouragement are really appreciated.

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