Black Dog Challenge… PAD #1017

Black Dog Challenge... PAD #1017

My friend Stephen the Dog. Yes, I am friends with a blogging dog. Well Stephen is a black dog and he told me that whenever he is photographed his eyes get lost so all photos of him come out poor. I told him that I could take a decent photo of him. Today’s PAD isn’t the best photo of his eyes but it was such a fun capture I had to use it. But here is one of my handsome black dog friend.

Black Dog Challenge #2

And here is another one that even gets the whites of Stephen’s Eyes.

Black Dog Challenge #3

Stephen is also a big letter writer. He is now on a weather kick and has written to many weathermen to find out about creating artificial thunder so he could study it. A few have responded as well.

Tonight we went over to visit Stephen’s A & R and their family. There were 3 babies in the house, Eva and her two friends Amelia and Patrick. It was fun seeing these three in the same room. They did not interact with each other much but they will eventually. We had three ages and stages represented, 3 months, 6 months and 18 months. It was fun. We also watched a rather important football game. 18 and 0, how incredible!

This morning Allison and I played with our new EnV phones. We kept taking photos of Eva but I had to switch to the DSLR to get this awesome shot of Eva. Eva is now in the habit of laying down with her hands behind her head, I think I do that a lot and she is copying me.

Just relaxing

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25 thoughts on “Black Dog Challenge… PAD #1017”

  1. OMG I PPP Stephen, what an adorable doggie! Babies are great mimics, I used to cuss like a sailor before my critters were born, and it was still an adjustment not cursing, so the first time he said his first curse word, I stopped saying it. lol. Monkey see, monkey do, I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a handsome animal Stephen is! Looks like he’s at least part deerhound. But, I would say he’s not black (not like black lab black anyway), but you still did a great job of capturing his eyes. I do like the first shot best, though.


  3. I PPP Stephen? What does PPP stand for? PayPerPost? Because Stephen does blog for PPP occasionally.

    Yeah out little monkey will mimic so much.

  4. Hi Kristin,
    The phone didn’t take that photo, it was my Digital SLR. The Phone does take decent photos but I’ve only uploaded one of them so far to my mobile blog.

  5. Awww, Eva is just so beautiful. What a cute pose!!

    Stephen is adorable!! Gorgeous photos. I know the pains of photographing a black animal. Luna gives me a lot of trouble. These days, I try really hard to just catch her in the sunlight… or at least until I can get a better camera. LOL

  6. Ok nice job on the photo. What did you use for settings I was too busy thinking about the food just out of the frame to see what you were doing?

    Did you just let the SLR fire away in automode or did you tweak it. Also did you photoshop that picutre at all. You did a good job pulling out the highlights in my face I get those from my Mom

  7. Hey Drew — Nice black dog shots.

    I know full well the difficulty of getting good images of black dogs. At the moment, my black Cocker-Spaniel is sleeping at my feet. My son also owns three black labs. The oldest now has enough gray in her face to make the eyes easier to register, but the other two have coal black eyes on a coal black face. It takes intelligent lighting to get the eyes to show up. Great shots!

    Regards to both Stephen and yourself!

    Tom Bonner

  8. Thanks Jill,
    That is Eva’s latest pose and it is so cute.
    Photographing Stephen was a challenge but It was easy because I had good lighting and was close to Stephen.

  9. Stephen,

    I let the camera stay in auto mode. I didn’t set it up any other way. The lens was at 50mm (good for portraits) I made sure I focused on you and blurred the background. The only photoshop I did was unsharp mask to sharpen the image more, made your highlights pop.

  10. Thanks very much Tom, I have been visiting your site almost daily, you have some great stuff there. The lighting in Stephen’s basement made for a good place for taking shots. Also we have two black cats and so I’ve done lots of shots of them as well. But they have white on their faces too so I can easily get their eyes to register.

  11. Drew, You caught Stephen at a good time with his tongue out. Animals are hard to photograph. Since Eva is copying you, maybe you can give her a little camera soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Hey AV, Once Eva wants to start using a camera she will have one, don’t worry about that. She’ll have her own Flickr account too.

  13. It is hard to imagine that a dog blogs however this one is a pretty interesting one. He also likes to send questioning letters to all sorts of people. I think Dogs and Cats have a great perspective on life.

  14. You got Steven to stop? Personally, to be honest, I think that is a shame. I have been following that whole thing and was fascinating (and re-learned stuff I had forgotten). I was going to give him the addresses/names of our guys in St Johnsbury, too.


    But these other Steven photos are fantastic. Eva? WOW!

  15. I don’t think Stephen has stopped, he is very much about finishing things he starts.

    Glad you like the Eva photos, thanks so much.

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