Name my EnV… PAD #1018

Name my EnV... PAD #1018

The EnV has arrived. I love it. I set things up on it today including photos and music. Allison and I went to Circuit City and picked up the music Sync cord as well as a set of BlueTooth HeadPhones. The phone has everything it needs right now except for a name. So I’m running a “Name my EnV” contest. Just drop me a comment with the name you choose and I will select my favorite one. If you win, you get a 125 X 125 image ad on my sidebar for a week. Or if you use Entrecard you win 200ec as well.

My sister Shelby came for a visit today and watched Eva for a while so we could go out for a while. It was nice to just get out of the house for a little bit. Shelby had a nice time with Eva, she loves spending time with her.

The home computer is still a mess. It works just fine but will not create a new drive. So I cannot attach anythign that creates a new drive like the printers, the external drive and my thumb drives. But it takes a USB webcam, so I think it is software related. I’m going to see if I can get some help at AskVille or somewhere else.

We are now all up to speed on the Terminator mythos. Allison and I watched T2 this afternoon. The special edition, I loved the special edition because when you play it it has all the deleted scenes added in to the actual movie. So much better than watching them out of sequence.

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24 thoughts on “Name my EnV… PAD #1018”

  1. I just read up on your new toy and it’s a slick gadget that has EVERYTHING except for the kitchen sink. Very cool! If you like cows, you can call it “Drew’s Moobile” or just “EnV-net”. Oops, is that 2 entries.

  2. Congratulations on the new toy — I’m not sure exactly what it is, so will have to go research it, and as for a name, well, I suck at names.



  3. Good Entry Jason,

    And thanks for the comment. I’ve been visiting your blog almost daily. Glad to be in good company on the phone front. I love mine, it is awesome.

  4. That is a good one as I was going to add something transformer’s like to this phone but maybe after I get one of those sweet cases that MR. Fab suggested.

  5. Ah Raesmom beat me to it! lol. I was going to go with something transformer like, but now that you may get a case for it, it’s got to go with the case as well, I can come up with lots of names for colors and such, but hmm..names.. How about Autobot, CyberTron, Cyberbot, Autotron, oh heck I don’t know lol. Meanwhile I did find a fun game though, it’s a transformer name generator, you may enjoy for a

  6. Good ideas Chica, like how you are thinking. I have not decided yet and now I am thinking about getting a case a la MR. Fab’s advice.

  7. Ryan,

    I like the direction you are heading with this. I think I am coming up with a name based on that. I wonder if anyone will guess it.

  8. Since you are using it a lot to blog, and you’re a fan of “Terminator”…how about THE BLOGINATOR?

    I’ve never named a cell phone, but my landline phones have names. I bought a cordless with two handsets, and when I was setting up, I had to give them names. I named them Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer (characters from the musical *Cats*). Yeah, I know…LOL!

    Wicked cool phone you have there…enjoy it! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi A. Caleb Hartley, Thanks for commenting on my blog. Heath is a potential name. Not sure I want my phone a memorial though. We shall see. Thanks for the entry.

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