Posties! … Uh Wait a Minute… PAD #1025

Posties! ... Uh Wait a Minute... PAD #1026

Today I traveled from Providence to Chicago by way of The Black Hole of the Eastern Seaboard. My flight from Providence to Philly was fine, after I got my bluetooth headset back. When I landed in Philly I found out that my flight was canceled so I was re-booked on another flight, so I didn’t have much to do. I did spend my time using my new phone to send Utterz to update folks with my travel hell. In the end I finally did get to Chicago.

The reason that I was so annoyed today about my travel plans was that I was supposed to meet Robyn and Lisa and their families for a meal at Sweet Baby Rays around 1:30CST. Lisa has two kids and Robyn has 4. So each time I had to call with another delay I felt worse and worse about it. I would be content to spend the day in the airport because I could find something to do. However when someone else’s day and time is affected by my travel delays I feel very guilty even if I can do nothing about it. Both Robyn and Lisa as well as their families were so great about all the changes.

Who are Robyn and Lisa? Well Lisa is there on the left and Robyn is on the right.

And here is a photo of the three of us.

The posties three

They are both bloggers that I met at Blog World Expo and Postiecon. Each of us blogs as part of PayPerPost/IZEA. We even made a little video for Ted. But this was at the end of the meal and wasn’t the best time to do it, plus I didn’t mention that I was shooting video with the phone.

The photo today is of Lisa’s daughter, Madison and one of Robyn’s sons, Barrett and her daughter, Blakelynn. There were 6 kids, and two husbands at the meal. 11 people in all and I think we did very well and the place is still standing as Lisa so aptly put it on Twitter.

I said I wanted a photo of all three Posties and I think it was Robyn who said we should have a photo of the two girls and one of the boys to represent us instead. I ended up getting a couple of the three of us anyway.

Triple Postie Power

If we had planned ahead we would have had the kids wear our IZEA shirts, which we all agreed were the most comfortable shirts ever. I always travel in mine now. I also wear it so that one day an IZEA employee or another Postie will see me in the airport.

Dinner was awesome at Sweet Baby Rays and I even photographed my plate of ribs like a certain “A-List” blogger.

A great meal...

I bet I’ve been taking photos of my food longer though.

So today was awesome once I got to Sweet Baby Rays.

Sweet Baby Rays...

It was too short though I really enjoyed spending time with both Robyn and Lisa and their families. Everyone was so nice and we had a great meal, good conversation and I got a glimpse of my life in the coming months to years. And that was pretty cool too.

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17 thoughts on “Posties! … Uh Wait a Minute… PAD #1025”

  1. I feel for you. I hate traveling during the winter.

    It is so cool to be able to meet other fellow bloggers. Just think that if blogging didn’t exist, we mostly likely would never have met all these nice people.

  2. AV,
    Travel like that I usually take in stride unless there is someplace I really need to be, like today.

    Meeting bloggers and having real face time is awesome. There was so much more I wanted to talk about.

  3. If you ever have a chance to come to Michigan or even Northern Ohio, please let me know! Those are great photos, too. Lisa and Robyn’s kids are so cute! And oh man, Sweet Baby Ray’s is the BEST barbecue sauce, I want those ribs!

  4. Looks like it was a lot of quiet fun, which is the best kind of course. Them ribs though..yummy! Make me wish I had me some ribs my ma used to make right about now, it’s been forever. Foods that tie with memories, there are a ton for me. lol.

  5. Stephen,
    I am in Chicago and also Indiana for work, but my travel plans lent themselves to time to meet up with other bloggers. You can’t be the only blogger I visit with. Peter will be demoing tomorrow but he is not with me, he is back in the office.

  6. I will let you know, I can’t believe I was so close on my last trip and I had so much extra time I would have certainly gone and visited with you. I love doing my own little blog America tour.

  7. Eddie, What about the Mothership. I really want to go there after a post you put up about it. And that is weird that the gravatar is not you. I will let you know if I ever get to Nashville too.

  8. Great pictures of you with Robyn and Lisa! The kids are adorable. I never thought of wearing my Izea shirt to the airport. I am going to start doing that.

  9. Thanks Karen,
    I put up the photos from today. I figure that eventually I am going to run into Ted at the airport one of these days, with all the travel and all that.

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