Mini Guitar Hero… PAD #1045

Mini Guitar Hero... PAD #1045

Green, Green, Red, Yellow… I am going to be dreaming of these colors coming down the neck of a guitar. Today Allison and I busted open Guitar Hero III. What a super fun game. We had an awesome afternoon playing many of the first level songs like Slow Ride, Talk Dirty to me and even Hit Me with Your Best Shot. I couldn’t wait till two guitars were able to be purchased for a Wii. You can play with a wiimote but it is even harder than using the guitar controller.

We are watching the Knight Rider Movie. It is pretty awesome. I hope that they make this into a series. It would be pretty sweet.

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24 thoughts on “Mini Guitar Hero… PAD #1045”

  1. The movie was fun. I do hope it will be a series. I was hopping to see a cameo by K.I.T.T. and hear William Daniel’s voice again. Oh well. I think Will Arnett would have made a better K.I.T.T. than Kilmer, Kilmer was a bit flat.

  2. haha Eva looks like she wants to take us on in guitar hero, knowing she’d whoop our butts!

    I’ve heard a lot of hype with that game, I haven’t go it yet, but I do know I would enjoy rocking out, and dressing in rockstar gear and all just for the wii! lol. 🙂

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  3. Op! forgot to ask something.. Are you going to be making that flickr widget available for your widget holders? I’ve noticed that you have it in your sidebar, but haven’t changed it in the widget area, or is that what your going to keep it as. That way I can add it to my photoblog.

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  4. We have also managed to acquire Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Took months of asking around as everytime we asked the sales assistants either did not care, or the store had just sold out. Anyways, needless to say the game has taken a hammering and we are also looking for a second Wii Guitar.

    I am up to the final song now on the the Easy mode of the game. That song is “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” and is a battle against a demon. I hope to defeat him this afternoon and get told to up the difficulty heh.

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  5. I’ve been toying with a few ideas and once I get something good I will offer it to anyone who would like to add it. I found a great thing for widgets and need to make one I like. Soon. I will let you know.

  6. Is that Lou. My friend was telling me about Lou but refused to spoil the surprise. We haven’t even beaten Tomo Morello yet. Oh well. Good to know. Thanks for the comment. The second guitars are not going to be out for a while yet. But soon.

  7. I love Eva’s hair in this photo-she’s a rock chick!!!

    My sister and her husband are addicted to Guitar Hero…they have it for PS3…it frightens me a little…but I think if I could master “Britney’s Dance Beat” I could probably take this on! Haa!

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  8. Mo,

    You would have so much fun playing this game. Seriously, you would rock out day and night. Can’t wait to see you when we hit Florida.

  9. Hi Olga,

    So are you coming to visit me soon? I hope so. Yes, Eva is getting so big, she is drooling a lot and will probably start teething sometime soon. She is gonna be a geek chick because of her geek daddy.

  10. Guitar Hero III is a lot of fun. We have it for the PS2 even though a fellow Wii owner friend keeps trying to get us to buy it for the Wii.

    Eva is a natural. She’ll be wanting to play really soon. I picked up Rae a toy guitar and that worked for a while but now when we play she wants her own GH guitar. We wound up with three GH controllers since GH III comes with one. So now she has her own.

  11. 3 controllers. Wow. Eva is a ways away from that at this point, she’d just gnaw on it anyway. I can’t wait till Nintendo sells additional Wii guitar hero controllers. I tried playing with the wiimote and that was horrible.

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