Elwood Rides Again… PAD #1054

Elwood Rides Again... PAD #1054


BenSpark's The Blues Brothers at the House of Blues photoset BenSpark’s The Blues Brothers at the House of Blues photoset

Tonight was a blast. Today I stood for hours on end at the convention. That is what I get paid for so I don’t mind doing it at all, but that is so boring to blog about. But tonight, tonight was customer appreciation night. And the party was at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Lets just say that my friend Steve and I rocked the joint big time.

About a week before th convention Steve sent a message around asking if anyone would like to be the Jake to his Elwood, Blues that is. I saw quite a few people on the list and kind of deferred to someone else to do it. But it looked like I had the right build for the job, sans goatee but that sucker isn’t going anywhere. So after many e-mails and movie quotes later I took the job. We were to stand at the entrance of the House of Blues and greet people as they arrived. We did so until almost everyone arrived. We stood there for a few hours welcoming people to the House of Blues. Quite a few people wanted their photos taken with us and we were more than happy to oblige.

After we were done standing around we went upstairs and had a couple of beers and some food. Then Steve suggested that we go out on the dance floor and do a little dancing to get the crowd going. That really did it, people on the dance floor wanted us to dance with them and more photos were taken. We were so excited and reeling from the experience. At the end of the night the live band played a song from the blues brothers movie and we got up on stage with them, ran around and danced like madmen. The night ended with us and the band on stage.

One very alert person, Kaitlyn ran up on stage and took photos of us with the House of Blues Sign in the background. It was awesome.

And then we said goodbye to everyone as they left. We were waiting around to get some of the high profile folks to take a photo with us. They were totally game for it and we were elated.

We walked down the boardwalk to the dance club that everyone was going to but opted out instead to go back to the hotel, we were more than beat. Standing all day and then all night. But you know what. I didn’t even notice it at the House of Blues.

As we left Downtown Disney we stopped into the Harley shop and got some photos taken of us on the two motorcycles. And then we saw a group of policemen standing around and asked if one of them would take our photo in front of the police car. The worst they could say was no but they were game for it. We had an awesome night, enjoy the photos.

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17 thoughts on “Elwood Rides Again… PAD #1054”

  1. We really should have had someone video us. However we didn’t know we would be going on stage. Had a feeling but didn’t know.

  2. Drew, Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves and entertained the crowd at the same time. The motorcycle and police car shots were great. All I can say is “they oughta put you in the movies” Take care and keep working hard.

  3. Thanks “Jenny” I appreciate the comment. Probably won’t be checking out any villas in Florence so thanks for not following my comment policy. If you would like me to write about villas in Florence you can use my PPP Direct button.

  4. Hi Dad, We had a great time and many many people enjoyed our ‘work’. I’m working hard and having a great time in Florida. I liked that we got on the Motorcycles. I should have gotten one of the two of us on Captain America’s bike. That would have been funny.

  5. When “Elwood” told me he was going to the House of Blues, I said “oh boy it is going to get crazy”. Glad to see I was not wrong! You definately have the “Jake” look. Nice write-up! The paparazzi wants to know when your next appearance is……

  6. I attribute all the fun I had last night directly to Elwood. He is the man! I’m up for the gig anytime anywhere. We had so much fun. I’m gonna have to watch that movie a few more times so I can get up to speed or near speed to Elwood. Thanks for commenting Erin.

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