Picnik anyone?... PAD #1068

A couple of days ago I got a full year’s premium subscription to Picnik from Alli. Alli uses this to make here awesome photographs look even better. I left a comment on her blog and won a contest for that membership. I’d never used or heard of Picnik before Alli told me about it.

I signed up today and decided to give it a try. I played around for 4 minutes with an image that I had taken of a Gecko on my Gecko hunt last week.

Gecko Hunt #13
Original Image

I cropped it, edited it and made some color changes.

Picnik 1st Edit
Finished image after time in Picnik.

Picnik is incredibly simple to use and the interface is also very user friendly. It also integrates with Flickr so easily too. Well, when I posted the edited image to Flickr I got an immediate response. I mean immediate, two people commented, one favorite the image and the other asked me to add the image to his group. Wow, that is the fastest response time ever.

I am growing a beard and it is pretty light right now so I took a self portrait and then uploaded it to Picnik, cropped it, then played with the cool create function. The one thing that I can’t do with Picnik is make very fine edits like I can in PhotoShop Elements. I like the photo and how grainy it is. Makes the beard pop a bit.

I’ll be doing an in depth post about the uses of Picnik in the future. Maybe as a guest post.

And I’ll keep you apprised of the beard growth, who knows I may keep it, I may not.

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14 Responses to “Picnik anyone?… PAD #1068”

  1. alli says:

    Looking good! I have noticed if you go to flickr, click on edit photo and use the features there, it is missing some of the premium features of regular picnik. But I love me some picnik.

    alli’s last blog post..Photo cards are fun

  2. Lisa says:

    Drew, that first photo is awesome!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Sedona Summit Resort

  3. lankapo says:

    well online photo editor is expanding lately.
    we have to be wise on choosing the application that have fast loading.

    Picnik need to improve on loading time since it tooks more than 15 seconds to load it 🙂

    lankapo’s last blog post..Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog!

  4. Drew says:

    I hadn’t realized that you could edit the photo from Flickr in picnik. I think I’ll go picnik then Flickr. It is a pretty sweet program overall. Thanks again for the contest.

  5. Drew says:

    Thanks Lisa. I had fun with it today.

  6. Drew says:

    I think 15 seconds is adequate. It is not a very long time.

  7. Amazing detail, especially on the hairs up yer nose! Tee hee;-D

    Layne (aka Reward Rebel)’s last blog post..Online Business Advertising On Entrecard

  8. Drew says:

    Very observant. I really wanted to take tht out using Photoshop. That is the one limitation of picnik that I found, I couldn’t get rid of that stray hair. And that one thing about the image really bothered me. But it is from my mustache and not from my nose. That one hair is always a pain because if I move my lips a particular way the hair goes right up my nose and tickles me. I hate it.

  9. Drew the beard looks great! Defo keep it!

    princesse ecossaise’s last blog post..Eating my Words

  10. Drew says:

    Princesse, haven’t seen you in these parts in a while. Very nice to see you back. I’m continuing to grow it. Hopefully it will fill in more before next week’s demos. It looks more filled in in the photo above.

  11. Mr. Fabulous says:

    YES! Beard updates! We need beard updates!

    Mr. Fabulous’s last blog post..Boobs and Ballads and Babies?

  12. Drew says:

    I’ll be sure to let you know the progress.

  13. manuel says:

    Looking good! I have noticed if you go to flickr, click on edit photo and use the features there, It looks more filled in in the photo above.

  14. Drew says:

    Thanks for dropping by to comment manuel. I haven’t tried this through flickr, just right through picnik

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