Read to Me, Mom… PAD #1069

Read to Me, Mom... PAD #1069

I came home to see Allison reading to Eva. It was such a cute scene that I immediately picked up my camera and started shooting. Eva was very interested in looking at the book. The book was Jolly Mon by Jimmy Buffett and Savannah Jane Buffett. It is a wonderful story that I will most likely review on Read to Me, Dad very soon.

I have a friend named Wes Molebash. He has come to stay with us back in 2006 when he had a comic book signing in New Hampshire. Well he has a chance at a $13,000 contract with DC comics. He is in a competition at Zuda comics. His new original series is called The Litterbox Chronicles about two cats. Seeing that I am a cat owner I enjoy the comic strip.

Wes sent me this note today.

“If you haven’t checked out the comic yet, make sure to head over to the Litterbox site and give it a look! And while you’re there, register an account at Zuda so you can vote for my comic and add it to your “favorites”. There’s still a lot of time in the competition, so make sure to spread the word by telling your friends and blogging about it!”

Well, Wes is having a hard time because there is a user who is making trouble because Wes has been promoting his comic. There is nothing wrong with promoting your comic but apparently this guy is having some issue with Wes because he does not like the comic. I’m asking you to check out all the comics and vote for your favorite. If it isn’t Wes’ comic then that is okay, drop a comment on his stuff anyway say what you liked and what you didn’t like.

If you did Like Wes’ comic please blog about it because he is a good guy who is working very hard on a dream. If he could win this competition it would be amazing.

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10 thoughts on “Read to Me, Mom… PAD #1069”

  1. This is a fantastic picture!!! Great job…Eva is just too cute and I miss you all tremendously!!

    I’ve voted for Wes…that other guy has some serious issues. Methinks he needs a time out.

    Mo’s last blog post..I Heart Sea World!

  2. Eva is just so cute and bright eyed!! Love the crazy baby hair do… I’m willing to babysit if you’re ever in in the Newport News/Virginia Beach/Williamsburg area. I’ll even watch her all weekend while you go to the beach and play in the sand!! Pleeeeeeaseee can she come visit?????

    Loretta’s last blog post..It’s Blooming Onions!

  3. Hey Loretta,
    Thanks very much. If I ever get down that way I will let you know. I don’t have any trips planned at the moment but who knows, it could happen. Eva does have the crazy hair right now as it slowly grows in, some days it looks brunette, some strawberry blond, there is blonde coming in underneath too. She will need a haircut soon.

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    1. Millard,

      You know, I was actually pretty excited that someone was asking me a real question but then you go and link to a lame casino site. Bad form Mr. Spammer. Every day I get one of you guys offering me some comment in an attempt to link to your garbage. Makes me want to shut off all commenting on all my old posts. You’ll notice that I kept the comment but scrubbed out your garbage link.

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