A is for Airplane… PAD #1071

A is for Airplane... PAD #1071

Today I came home to fins Allison and Eva playing with Eva’s blocks. Now that Eva is starting to reach for things and can hold a few things we have introduced some additional toys to her. She has the great set of alphabet blocks. Each one has a little toy or something inside. Some spin some bounce and some rattle. They are beautiful and fun. Allison and Eva were having a great time playing. I should have grabbed the camera then to take some shots but will do it next time.

Allison has joined a mother’s group and is meeting new moms around our area. This is great so she and Eva can get out and go on adventures. They went to Gymboree today and Allison and Eva had a great time. She found the group through Meetup.com. I have also found a group there for New England Photographers. I’m looking forward to attending some events this year.

Today started the last day of BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo. It was also a day when Google restored Page Rank to Flatwater Tech (I’m canning that blog), BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo (I’m canning that one too) and they even gave Google is Not God a PR of 2. Read to Me, Dad, my newer blog has a PR of 3. My blogs are being consolidated into The BenSpark, things won’t really change around here except I’ll be posting my entertainment posts here. The Wired Kayaker stays and Flatwater posts will be absorbed into that blog. Read to Me, Dad will continue to be developed. The BenSpark Utterz is a nice little mobile blog that I have automatically set to take posts from my Utterz while on the road and each and every time I use Utterz. That doesn’t really need much upkeep, but I may just combine that blog under the Google Is Not God blog. Easier when I have a domain name of my own. This might not mean much to you but to me it means I can focus on what is important and bring higher quality content to you each day.

I also dumped PayU2Blog. I was posting for that service on Benspark 2, and Flatwater. But decided that I want to control everything that I blog about and will not blindly take assignments that are ‘required’ in order to make a little extra pocket change. If I blog about it, it is because I want to. Also they stopped giving me assignments because they said I missed some. I never missed a deadline, EVER. So I quit and now when I log in they have given me assignments for all of my blogs, it makes no sense. Is anyone watching what is going on over there? I also feel that IZEA is the best of the bunch, the people there care about the bloggers and they have a much better way of communicating with their Posties. Nope, no more PayU2Blog for me.

I also wanted to share a couple of things with you. IZEA is looking for people to be part of the Fab 4 at this year’s IZEAFest. They are taking video submissions. I was part of that panel last year as a last minute replacement for Tricia. The Fab 4 panelists will each receive $250 upon arrival as a thank you from IZEA. That would benefit me greatly and I think if I am more prepared for a panel like that I could do an even better job. So I am looking for help with my video. I’m looking for ideas that I can use to make my video stand out. If you have any drop them in the comments.

In other IZEA news you can have lunch with Ashley and Veronique, who is going by V now. Diva. (Just kidding V.) It will be each Wednesday on the IZEA Blog.

Also, my friend Wes who is in that Zuda comics competition just had an awesome interview at ComicMix. He is a really nice guy with such talent, check out the interview and then see his comic The Litterbox Chronicles on Zuda, if you like it please vote for him.

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6 thoughts on “A is for Airplane… PAD #1071”

  1. (lets see if it will take my comment today)

    I don’t know how some people manage so many blogs, with the three that I have, I only have one that has daily content, my photoblog has been slacking, because of lack of inspiration, and my stock photo blog is not meant to be daily, but more so, weekly, maybe.

    Good for you for cleaning things up, just like Fabster. You should be apart of the Fab4, you were great last year, in fact, I watched all the videos from last year just a couple weeks ago, very informing. Ideas though.. how about mini clips from your interviews with people? Good luck! 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Damn I’m getting old, and so is he..

  2. Allison and I love these blocks as well. They are very fun and Eva seems to enjoy them.

    I was not expecting a pagerank update and it makes no sense that most of my blogs got ranked for no god reason. So weird.

  3. I overextended myself with my blogs. I was able to keep them going for a long time but eventually responsibilities caught up with me. I am glad you enjoyed the videos from PostieCon. I have an idea for my video and I’m going to put out a call to bloggers for a little help. We shall see.

    Inspiration for photos is a tough thing to keep up as well. We get so busy tat finding time to find inspiration is tough.

  4. I can’t make this first one but I will be making an appearance in future ones. I will try and send you things to talk about.

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