Beach Bloom.. PAD #1076

Beach Bloom.. PAD #1076

Today was the last day of demos. I started the day coordinating a WebEx. This requires a speaker phone. I tried a few phones and none worked as a speaker phone so we ended up using my cell phone. My EnV has a decent speaker phone so that worked great. However, I used up the battery and so tonight when I was calling home my call ended abruptly on my mom. Don’t worry Mom everything is fine I am okay. My Cell phone just up and ran out of juice.

The Manhattan Beach Scene

After the demos the group went to Manhattan beach and walked along the strand for a while. We were going to walk to Hermosa beach for a drink and then walk back to head to STK for dinner. We only made it halfway, turned around by the 90210 house and had drinks at a place at Manhattan beach called Shellback’s. There were many beautiful plants along the strand. I shot today’s PAD as well as another plant and a classic beach scene.

Beach Flower

Then it was off to a swanky restaurant called STK. Along the way I saw this very interesting business. As far as STK, go ahead and do a Google search of “STK LA restaurant“. Apparently this is a very trendy nightspot because instead of finding a restaurant website you find links to photos of celebs leaving the place or going to the place. And there are many reviews.

STK Entrance

The food was pretty delicious. I had snapper with a brown mushroom sauce. It could have used less sauce though, The snapper however was awesome. Presentation was also excellent and the service was ‘overly’ attentive. They seemed to clear things way to fast so you did feel rushed. At one point I was eating an blue iceberg salad and they came along and took my knife. I had only eaten one half the salad and hadn’t even cut side 2. They brought me one right back but it was so overly attentive that it was annoying. Overall we enjoyed our meal very much.

Snapper with mushrooms

Today I learned from Jules about Jorge Garcia’s blog called Dispatches from the Island.

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  1. Glad everything is OK. Thanks for letting us know. You know your “Mother”. Nice to see some beautiful flowers, I’m tired of the rain here. Can’t wait for Spring weather and getting going on the cape house. Have a safe trip home.

  2. Sorry about that. I tried waiting and turning on my phone long enough for a text message but nothing worked. And when I got back to the hotel I was able to charge it up. I can’t wait till the weather is better too.

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