Can I have a sip… PAD #1078

Can I have a sip... PAD #1078

Eva is so ready to try food. She grabs for our food and drinks all the time now. My sister found out how quick this kid can be. Don’t go teasing the baby because she is fast and she wants to try that water out.

Worked from home today. Allison and Eva went to The Butterfly place in Westford, MA. I am so jealous because Allison came back with some sweet photos and a butterfly landed on Eva. She was so thrilled with the butterflies too. I wish I could have gone.

Some cool things are happening. For one thing while I was flying over the country I was given a Golden Ticket. No, not for chocolate or for unlimited flights, no, this Golden ticket was to be a Social Spark Alpha Tester. That is all I can tell you. Seriously.

I saw this amazing video online today from my Google feed reader. It is from Digital Photography School and it is a very cool thing that I am now dying to try. How to make a time lapse movie with a DSLR.

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  1. Thanks for the visit Olga, the weather is getting nicer and I’ll be hitting the kayak soon. You coming for a visit soon?

    And thanks for the comments about Eva.

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