Wrapped.. PAD #1090

Wrapped.. PAD #1090

I went back to the office today. I think I was making everyone nervous by being home with Allison for so long. It didn’t help that I sent an e-mail yesterday that stated “In case you hadn’t heard the news” and then I added this link: http://urlbrief.com/2a8ac1. Since many people from work read my blog from time to time I bet they thought I had some sort of announcement, however that was not the case. Seriously I love the You got Rick Rolled concept. Whoever thought of that it is priceless.

Another day with The April Challenge. Today I took a walk with Eva around the big loop. Memere came with us and took over stroller duties as I stopped to take photos of the different images of Entropy I could find. I have many that I will go back for each day, as I have to take my Photo-A-Day each day. I hope you like today’s, it is pretty interesting.

If you are not interested in Social Spark or Entrecard or the current Blog Sponsorship debate then stop reading now.

I have been working with Social Spark and I had a sponsorship bar on this blog. It has sparked a firestorm of debate in the Entrecard community. Many people were talking about and bashing me for using the Social Spark sponsorship banner. Mostly they were hostile because they could not just drop and run. That really was the impetus behind the angst. What they did not know was that the Social Spark Banner had nothing to do with the EC problems.

It was my own code with the Photo-A-Day widget. I made some changes to it as I had started some housecleaning on this blog. That code messed up the EC code. But did anyone contact me to let me know something was wrong. Nope they ran to a forum to complain about Social Spark and one individual simply stated, “Dude Social Spark is killing your blog.” Not exactly constructive or helpful. But that same person went on to comment about The BenSpark on a very well written post about Social Spark and the sponsorship banners. But what really burns me about the posts on those blogs is that no one even linked to my blog. Sheesh, the Nerve! That was a joke. That is okay, they can check out The Wired Kayaker tomorrow for the sponsorship on that blog.

Again if you have an issue with this blog or with what I have put up, leave me an intelligent comment. Emphasis on intelligent.

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10 thoughts on “Wrapped.. PAD #1090”

  1. That picture makes me sad. Poor tree, and bad fence. Great capture though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before.

    About the Spark/E thing. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. People will always flame no matter what, and don’t try to be the water putting our the fire, it doesn’t work in the online world. You just keep doing what your doing, and if people don’t like it, and blog about it, that’s their own stupidity.

    I’d read your blog as long as you keep me interested, so far, my interest hasn’t simmered at all. Besides, Social Spark, BenSpark, it’s meant to be. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..While I wait, I might as well write.

  2. I agree. That picture makes me kinda sad as well.

    I don’t think the whole “get paid for blogging” model will last.

    Remember the “get paid to surf the net” with alladvantage?

  3. I really like your photos, you really have a knack with a camera. I have always wanted to take great pictures, but don’t have that talent. Thanks for the link in your post.Have a good day.

    Jude’s last blog post..I Really Like Entrecard

  4. Thanks Chica. I try and keep things a bit interesting each day. At least the photos are somewhat of interest.

    No, you can never be the water on the flames of the Internet, no matter what your stance. I’m sure I’ve just heaped some crap upon myself by even speaking about it.

  5. I never got into the paid to surf thing. I have been doing paid blogging for over a year now and yes if things continue to downturn with the economy we might have a problem and paid blogging may dry up. It could happen.

    You are the second person to say that this photo evoked sadness. I didn’t really see it until it was pointed out to me. I tend to look at it as more of hopeful where the tree, despite being fenced in can still grow beyond the restraints.

  6. Hi Jude, I liked your post about the whole Social Spark banner and that is why I gave you a link.

    As far as photography, the best thing to do is to shoot every day and then you will start to think in photos and your talent will improve. Don’t give up. Glad you like my photos. Thanks.

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