Shiny and Rusty… PAD #1091

Shiny and Rusty... PAD #1091

I choose this photo for The April Challenge because of what I saw between the faucet and the screw. I also like the way the knob looks and it is very detailed.

While this is part of the ‘Estate’ I photographed it also because this will be fixed and replaced very soon as the area where this is located is in the middle of an awesome overhaul. I can’t wait to put up some photos of the new panels that my Dad designed and built based on the old design. Big changes are going on and I can’t wait to see what Dad comes up with. Already some great improvements have occurred. We should have much better fuel efficiency next winter, which is a great thing because oil is insanely high.

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4 thoughts on “Shiny and Rusty… PAD #1091”

  1. Yeah Drew, that shiny faucet is the best looking part that whole side. Thanks for the faith in me to get it looking good again.

  2. Greed makes people forget that there are people in need. The oil conglomerates are sucking us all dry and reaping huge windfalls in profits. It is sick.

  3. The Faucet really stood out for me yesterday. I did take it because I know what is coming and of course I have faith in what you will create. There are examples of your work all throughout our home but also many places in the area that I can point out and say that my Dad built that. Just wait till you can teach Eva to swing a hammer, she’ll probably nail straighter than I ever did.

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