Wisteria Lane… PAD #1092

Wisteria Lane... PAD #1092

Another day of entropy for The April Challenge. I ran outside to take this after it got dark because when I got home I got caught up with watching Eva sit up. Eva is sitting up so well now. Once she is put on her blanket in a sitting position she can hold it for 10-20 minutes without falling. She is still very unsteady but her balance is getting better and better each day. Not just 4 days ago she fell over nearly immediately when she was in a sitting position. When I got home Allison was sitting with Eva on the floor. They were playing with the stackable rings. Eva was picking them up and clapping them together.

I took Eva downstairs and she amazed my parents. Eva now claps rapidly when she sees my Mom because my Mom does Patty Cake with Eva every time she sees her. Eva loves to clap and does it so often now. She is amazed at the sounds that come from our hands and wonders why there is no sound from hers.

I’m working on a list of Social Spark members who also have Entrecards. I’ll be adding a page to this blog as a special spotlight on Social Sparkesters who are also Entrecarders. There are quite a few and I’ll be hitting those blogs each day when I drop my ECs around the ‘net.

Oh, the photo, the photo is of a wisteria plant that has decided that it wants to take over our side porch. It will get a rude awakening as this is also something that we intend to fix in the coming years. In the meantime it is growing and goring and taking over slowly.

Tonight we were watching some episodes of Smallville and While watching it I noticed that J’onn J’onzz looked familiar. I then jumped to IMDB and found out that John Jonzz or John Jones. I found out that Jonzz was played by Phil Morris. Phil Morris was once a very famous character on a show about nothing.

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