1099s Locked In… PAD #1099

1099s Locked In... PAD #1099

It is fitting that tonight I completed my taxes and I am on Photo-A-Day #1099 and the theme is entropy for the April Challenge. All the pieces are falling into place.

Today was a pretty quiet day, I was back in the office, did a demo, did and expense report and that is about it.

Online there was some big info that was put out there. A great promo for IZEAFest went up. I’m even in the video twice. The first time I look oh so enthused about being part of the Fab four, which I was wicked excited to be part of it but I was nervous as heck. I’ve got to work on my Fab Four video to submit it to IZEA so I can be part of it for this coming year. Having both that video and taxes due on the same day is just plain evil. The second time I show up in the video I am, how should I say, more colorful and I give my best Ted Murphy WOOOO!.

Many of my blogging friends form Postiecon are in the video. I can’t wait to see them all again at IZEAFEST 2008!

Now I am going to go play Super Bash Brothers Brawl!

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