Open Tunnel... PAD #1111

You may have read my travel woes from yesterday, but that is okay because today was very good. I started the morning with some demonstrations at a hospital in Little Rock. I think they went well, at least the people watching laughed at my jokes, so that was good.

But after the demos were done I headed back to my hotel to get changed and to grab my camera and play Citizen Tourist for a while. I had been to Little Rock a couple of years ago, In fact on that trip I had one of my flights canceled so I could drive from Little Rock to Dallas. Irony much. On that trip I got one of my favorite Photo-A-Day photos too and I also got to eat at a great little restaurant in Little Rock called the Flying Fish Cafe. (I tell you, taking a photo a day and doing a blog comes in really handy when you want to remember exactly when and where you were in the past.)

So, I walked around the downtown and the Riverwalk and took a bunch of photos.

The H.U. Lee International Gate & Garden River Walk Pig
Little Rock River Walk Market Stage on the River walk
The Flying Fish Billy Bass Wall Reach the Sky

When I was done I stopped into the Flying Fish cafe to get a light snack. Wat I saw on the menu were Crispy Frog legs. I thought to myself, Hell Yeah. I was gonna try these out. I ordered 4 pair plus hush puppies and corn on the cob. People say that frog legs are like chicken, they are not. They might be a little but you certainly know you are not eating chicken, there is a hint of fishiness to the taste. But they weren’t half bad.

Frog Legs for lunch

I also used a variety of hot sauces on them and they were like Southern Buffalo wings. I’d get them again.

Little Rock’s River Walk is undergoing some renovations and it just keeps getting nicer. There is a park that is being built with a rock climbing wall and many other activity stations. I think this riverwalk will become a great place for people to visit and be a little envious that their city doesn’t have a riverwalk like it.

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4 Responses to “Open Tunnel… PAD #1111”

  1. Christine says:

    If I ever found myself in a restaurant that served frog legs, I’d order them, too. I’ll try just about anything once. If I can eat Bambi and Thumper, I can eat Kermit, too…LOL!

    But the *brain sandwich* at Alton Brown tried on FOA1…I think I’d pass on that! There are some things that I will not eat! 😀

    Christine’s last blog post..Remind me to look at the calendar?

  2. Drew says:

    I’ve never had the opportunity to try them so I figured, what the heck. I do think that I would pass on the brain sandwich however.

  3. Mo says:

    You ATE Kermit?!?! Who are you? Doc Hopper?!?!

    Mo’s last blog post..33

  4. Drew says:

    Yeah, I guess I am Doc Hopper. They were tasty. I have to admit I liked it.

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