Nailed... PAD #1112

Very long day of flying. Started at 4:30am. Got home at 3:15pm, went for a quick walk with Allison and Eva. Spent some play time with Eva. Tried feeding Eva peas, she wouldn’t eat from me but Allison had the touch. Tubby time for Eva (Rice Cereal mask had to be cleaned off) Had our neighbor and friend Mike over for dinner he brought over 4 pints of ice cream, played Super Smash Brothers, and then we watched 3 of the Thursday night comedy shows. Guess which one is on now. Anyway, a very quick post before I have to go make popcorn in the kettle for Allison so we can get comfy and watch LOST.

I received a very interesting product today in the mail. I am going to give it a few days to work with it before I give you my findings but it seems to be pretty cool so far.

I read one book this past week and started another, a classic, and am 1/2 way through, reviews of both are to come soon.

Wrote up my next IZEA guest post while on a 3 hour layover today, will post sometime in the next few days.

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4 Responses to “Nailed… PAD #1112”

  1. pete says:

    I love it! Go entropy! I could take pictures of rusty things all day long. I found a bunch of old farm machinery recently but haven’t had a chance to go back (of course, I didn’t have my camera).

    pete’s last blog post..Totally Awesome Link Roundup

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks Pete,
    I do like the color of rusty things. There is a texture to rust that translates well to photography.

  3. Sire says:

    Isn’t amazing how the right framing and focusing makes a picture stand out. Nice shot Ben.

    Sire’s last blog post..Wesley Snipes Arrested For Tax Evasion

  4. Drew says:

    Thanks Sire, I spend a lot of time thinking of how I want to crop my images before I choose the final look.

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